Introducing "Jake's To The Rescue"

There's nothing more heart-warming than meeting an individual or family who just adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue group. It means they've given a new life to a homeless animal, and with this commitment there will undoubtedly be lots of love flowing in both directions! In this Blog, we'll highlight some of the many local rescue groups in our area.  You'll find pictures and information about dogs & cats currently available from them, including Danny & Ron's Rescue, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Kibblez of Love, Amber's Animal Outreach, Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue, Shelter Dog Project, Loxahatchee Animal Rescue Community, and Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. If you want us to share information about a group you're affiliated with, please let us know!  We hope this inspires you to open your hearts and home, or to share this information with a friend who could use a new companion.
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