Bones & Other Body Parts

Bones & Other Body Parts

Dogs love to chew as a way to explore their environment. Bones, tendons, and other body parts (from a variety of animals) can provide the mental stimulation they seek as well as dental benefits.  Picking the appropriate things to chew on is important and depends on your dog's size and jaw strength.  

When picking a dog chew, consider: do you need it for a young, teething puppy or an older, maybe large-breed aggressive chewer? Is yours a small, medium, or large breed dog? Do you care if there is an odor, or do you want an odorless dog chew? 

Jake's offers a great selection of natural dog chews including antlers, buffalo horns, pig's ears, cow's ears, lamb ears, sow ears, chicken and duck feet, trachea, knuckle bones, cow hooves, knee caps, rib bones, marrow bones, turkey and duck necks, and more. We have freeze-dried dog chews, frozen dog bones, and smoked marrow bones.

We carry a large variety of bully sticks for small, medium, and large dogs, ranging in size from several inches to three foot bully sticks! We also have bully rings, braided bull sticks, and odor-free bull sticks.

We feature Tucker's and Primal Frozen raw bones, dog chews from Redbarn pet products, and extra-thick, long-lasting bully sticks by Bravo (made in the USA).

Bag o Chews Mini Beef Trachea 7 oz

Bag-O-Chews Mini Beef Trachea 7 oz



Bag-O-Chews Beef Trachea are naturally high in protein plus chondroitin and glucosamine, the building blocks of cartilage. Dry roasted to crunchy p...

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