Dog Obesity

For optimal health, dogs should maintain their weight within a narrow range. This range differs from one breed to another, but when any dog gains too much weight, its health will begin to suffer.  For one thing, there's additional wear and tear on the joints, sometimes leading to arthritis or worse. 

Overweight dogs also put excess strain on their pancreas, to the point where the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to metabolize the sugars in their bloodstream. When left unchecked, there can beDog Chart showing differing conditions of weightdamage or damage to the kidneys.

Carrying the extra weight also puts strain on the heart muscle. Eventually, this strain can lead to congestive heart failure.

Some fat is typically stored by the liver for emergency purposes, but overweight dogs often store too much fat in their liver. Over time, this decreases the ability of the liver to function properly, which can cause a variety of subsequent health problems.

Even skin and coat problems can be the result of obesity. In particular, the skin folds can gather dirt and oil, leading to bactreria, skin rubs, or infections.

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