Thanksgiving Message

(This message is from the owners of Jake’s)

We are BEYOND grateful for:

  1. Our amazing staff- each one working individually, giving 110% to carry out the Jake’s values of customer care and excellence, and working as a team to make sure all moving parts of the store & delivery service run smoothly.
  2. Our customers – many of you whom we’ve gotten to know as friends whose lives & families we truly care about. Over these past 5+ years, we’ve been thrilled to celebrate births, marriages, graduations, and other important milestones with you. And we’ve been so grateful for how you’ve cared & celebrated with our family ~ whether it was through surgery, injury, our daughter’s marriage, or the recent birth of our grandson. We’ve enjoyed a huge support network and an abundance of cheerleaders!
  3. The many local rescue groups that work tirelessly to save, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs and cats. Getting to know the people who volunteer for and run these groups has made us so aware of the heart & work that goes into their mission, and we’re so grateful they allow us the opportunity to partner with them and meet the people who adopt their pets.
  4. And finally…. We’re very grateful for the awesome recommendations & referrals we receive! We know there are lots of places where you can shop for pet products, but we appreciate that you choose Jake’s! And we’re so grateful when we hear that you tell others to check us out!

From Harry & Stacey