Four Paws Magic Coat Cat Hairball Brush

by Four Paws

The Four Paws Magic coat conditioning brush with hairball control strip is the ultimate shedding and hairball defense tool that conditions, brushes, detangles, and reduces dander all at the same time! This cat deseeding brush features multi-level pins and bristles that grab loose hair, while the conditioning strip applies a layer of moisture for added conditioning benefits. The strip on this cat Grooming tool is infused with natural essential oils such as mineral, Jojoba, and flax seed that naturally condition and reduce hairballs without leaving a residue. Your cat's glossy coat that’s free of tangles, static, dirt, and dander will be just as beautiful as your hair-free house! This starter pack cat brush set includes a CAT brush, a reusable conditioning strip, and protective strip covers.

  • Cat detangling brush features multi-level bristles that help remove dirt and dander, and rounded pins gently remove loose hair and tangles
  • Conditioning strips act as a cat moisturizer to naturally reduce pesky cat hairballs
  • Re-usable conditioning strips are made with natural essential oils that do not leave residue
  • Customize this cat shedding tool with Magic Coat's Conditioning Refill Strips
  • Suitable for all cat skin and coat types

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