Pet Wellbeing Derma Support Gold 2 oz

by Pet Wellbeing

 Support for yeast dermatitis (topical skin yeast overgrowth) 

  • Helps maintain normal amount of skin yeast

  • Promotes healthy coat

  • Normal skin odor

  • Supports comfortable skin and ears 

 Active Ingredients: Baikal Skullcap root (Scutellaria baicalensis), Phellodendron bark (Phellodendron chinense), Sophora root (Sophora flavenscens), Rehmannia root (Rehmannia glutinosa), Chinese Smilax root (Smilax glabra), Plantain seed (Plantago asiatica), Knotweed aerial parts (Polygonum aviculare), Summer Cypress fruit (Kochia scoparia).

Inactive Ingredients: Deionized water, vegetable glycerin.

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