Small Batch Frozen Lightly Cooked Dog Food, Turkey

by Small Batch

Small Batch Lightly Cooked dog food has the same pristine smallbatch ingredients, combined in a dog formula and gently cooked sous vide style.  They place the classic batches in water baths, bringing the internal temperature up to 150F for just 5 minutes. By gently cooking the batches this way, Small Batch is ensuring pasteurization making it easier for delicate tummies. Optimal nutrition in a slider, ideal for sensitive system. 

85% humanely raised and harvested turkey, 13% organic produce, 2% natural supplements

Ingredients: turkey necks, turkey, turkey gizzards, turkey hearts, turkey livers, organic celery, organic butternut squash, organic bok choy, organic cauliflower, organic green beans, salmon oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic kelp*, organic dandelion greens, organic cilantro, organic bee pollen, organic garlic, organic bilberry, organic wheat grass, organic oregano, organic thyme, natural vitamin e, zinc glycinate, copper glycinate, maganese glycinate

Guaranteed Analysis

Moisture (max): 72.3%
Crude Protein (min):  16.6%
Crude Fat (min):  7.0%
Crude Fiber (max):  0.3%

Calorie Content: Approx. 45 kcal per slider

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