Yesterday's News Unscented Cat Litter 30lb

by Purina

Help keep your cat's litter box area smelling clean by using Purina Yesterday's News Unscented Original Texture cat litter. This formula absorbs three times the moisture by volume when compared to clay-based litter, keeping her litter box fresh and welcoming. The non-abrasive pellets are crafted with recycled paper, so you can feel good about using this non-clumping cat litter in your home. Designed for low tracking with no small particles, this formula helps to keep your floors free from trails of paw prints and messes. It's formulated without harmful chemicals, making it a safe, nontoxic litter option for your cats. This cat litter is the #1 veterinarian-recommended eco-friendly cat litter, giving you one more reason to consider making this unscented formula the one your cat uses every day. You can use this litter for every member of your cat family, because it's safe for both kittens and adult felines.

  • - Absorbs 3x the moisture by volume than traditional clay-based litter
  • - Delivers effective odor control
  • - No added fragrance
  • - #1 veterinarian-recommended eco-friendly cat litter
  • - Designed for low-tracking with no small particles
  • - Soft paper pellets offer a non-toxic litter option
  • - 99.9% dust-free formula

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