Yoghund Frozen Yogurt Banana & Peanut Butter Treat

by Yoghund

Real frozen yogurt for dogs, with billions of special probiotics added per cup, for real health benefits! 

The primary ingredient of low fat yogurt is enhanced with potassium and fiber rich bananas, coupled with the antioxidants and bursting flavor of natural peanut butter. They leave out the added sugar, salt and preservatives to bring a long lasting frozen treat, bursting with flavor and billions of probiotics. Yes, vets recommend a daily serving, to ensure a robust population of good bacteria in your dogó»s digestive tract.

Ingredients: Natural low fat Yogurt, Natural Banana Puree, Natural Peanut Butter, Natural Inulin, Natural Guar Gum and Natural Gum Arabic, Lactase, Live Active Cultures.

Calorie Content: 93 Calories per serving

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