Yummy Combs Dog Dental Treats

by Yummy Combs

Dental Cleaning your dog’s teeth has never been easier or more nutritious. Yummy Combs dog treats work like dental floss for a more complete cleaning than other dental doggie snacks. 

  • Flosses and scrubs around teeth for superior cleaning
  • Massages gums while cleaning to the gum line
  • Deters gulping
  • Accelerates solubility
  • Speeds digestion
  • Preserves delicate ingredients to improve nutrient absorption

Wellness Ingredients

  1. Glucosamine and chondroitin – supports joint mobility
  2. Honey – boosts immunity
  3. Salmon Oil – provides coat a healthy “shine”
  4. Turmeric – alleviates pain and assists in the breakdown of fats
  5. Casein – supports muscle strength
  6. Cellulose – assists digestion and gut health
  7. Attapulgite Clay – polishes teeth with micro minerals
  8. Lecithin – enhances digestion
  9. Sodium Tripolyphosphate – softens dental tartar
  10. Edible fatty acids – offer antibacterial benefits
  11. Vitamins – support overall health
  12. Yucca schidigera – reduces odors both inside and out

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