Jake's Driver Picks up Meals For Dogs in Ft. Lauderdale

One of our drivers had a special stop to make today! In addition to delivering food to our customers, we asked him to make a pickup at Meals For Dogs in Ft. Lauderdale.  By picking up this "home-cooked" dog food, Jake's is able to save our customers hundreds of dollars a year in shipping costs versus online food brands like The Farmer's Dog, Nom Nom, Ollie's, and others. 

Our driver got to see the open commercial kitchen where all the human-grade, fresh ingredients and USDA meats are turned into complete and balanced meals. The ingredients are cooked to an FDA suggested safe internal temperature. Once cooked, they are mixed with vitamins, minerals & oils. They are then packaged, vacuum sealed and frozen to ensure freshness. And then our driver brings it home to Jake's in Lake Worth!

We're excited to offer this nutritious pet food line. It was created by Catherine Paul-Hus out of love for her own pets who constantly suffered from allergies and skin conditions. Catherine, along with a PHD animal nutritionist formulated a variety of meals that are balanced for a healthy lifetime of feeding, including a "Renal Recipe" for dogs with kidney issues.

Check out this video and see what our driver saw!

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