Jake's To The Rescue


Top Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Cat

(Besides all the free stuff we would give you) 1. Cats are good for your mental & physical health Taking a cat (or any pet) home from a shelter can improve your sense of happiness and general well-being. According to...

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Woman hugging terminally ill dog


Have you got the heart to give a terminally ill dog or cat its best life? It's called "Fospice", and Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control needs you!
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Man looking at adoptable dogs at Palm Beach County Animal Care And Control Shelter

It Takes A County To Keep The Shelter Numbers Down

It takes a great deal of collaboration between local rescue groups and the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Ccntrol Unit to keep the number of shelter pets down. Rescues account for the majority of the placements, but there's plenty you can do as an individual!
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