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Most young children have an experience that inspires what they want to be when they grow up. Watching a ballet might motivate a child to be a ballerina; a day at the ballpark might encourage a child to dream of being a baseball pitcher. For most youngsters, these dreams often shift as they move on to discover other interests. For a 4-year-old named Amber, a walk through an animal shelter sparked an interest in rescuing animals. But for Amber, the desire didn’t fizzle; it became a passion and her life’s mission.

When young Amber accompanied her mother to the Broward Humane Society to look for a dog to adopt, Amber was smitten. Not just by one dog. Amber fell in love with all the dogs and decided she needed to return with gifts for all! For the holidays, she and her mom purchased 100’s of stockings at the dollar store and stuffed them with treats for every dog at the shelter!

Amber Nelson of Amber's Animal Outreach with 2 dogs

For the next few years, Amber pleaded with shelters and rescue groups, but none would allow her to volunteer. Finally, at 9 years old, a local rescue group agreed to allow her to play with their dogs knowing it would help to socialize them. At 10, Amber was organizing events for a large rescue group.  And in 2014, when Amber was just 13 years old, the non-profit rescue called Amber’s Animal Outreach was founded so that Amber could run a rescue the way she dreamed it should be.

Amber’s mission is to help dogs in any way necessary so that none needs to get euthanized due to over-population at a shelter or because of an illness requiring expensive treatment. Over the years, she and her mom have dog at shelterdeveloped relationships with Palm Beach Animal Care & Control, Okeechobee Animal Control, Clewiston Animal Control, and other shelters all over Florida from which they’ve pulled dogs at risk of euthanasia. They also coordinate with volunteers who transport “at risk” dogs from shelters in Alabama and the Bahamas. Often, the dogs they rescue are healthy and would have been put down for no other reason than lack of space.

Over the years, Amber’s Animal Outreach has raised thousands of dollars that have been used to rehabilitate rescued dogs and to provide each with a safe, healthy, pain free life until a forever home can be found. AAO also distributes food, bedding, toys, medicine, and other items to other groups that support their mission, and they are more than happy to make pickups of donated items such as blankets, toys, treats, travel crates, and food bowls.

Amber's Animal Outreach Fishing Tournament
Jake’s Pet Supply is proud to support Amber’s Animal Outreach in their mission. We hope you'll become a fan, too. Watch our social media feed for announcements of their fundraising and adoption events. Better yet, follow them yourself on Facebook or Instagram and support them by purchasing from their Wishlist.
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