Volunteering Provides The Best Payoffs


There might not be a paycheck at the end of the day, but anyone who volunteers at the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Shelter in West Palm Beach will tell you the payoff is immeasurable! 


Volunteers can assist with all sorts of fun activities, not just messy ones!

Here's how it was described on a recent Facebook post:

A lovely mixture of dog walking, information sharing, cat snuggling, toy building, pup bathing and play grouping! All within a community of humans with the same goal - to make their lives better during their (hopeful short) stay at our shelter 
Woman Volunteer at Palm Beach County Animal Care And Control Shelter walking dog
The pVolunteers at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control making toys for dogs and catsrocess in the past might have been difficult, but it's been streamlined so that you can fill out an online application (see link below), do some online training, and begin to make a difference right away! 



Link to Volunteer Application:



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