Creating a More Sustainable Pet Industry

Huge Impact

Manufacturers in the pet industry realize they have a huge impact on our planet, from the ingredients in their pet foods and treats, to the materials used for toys and even the packaging they use. We're happy to know that many are taking this seriously, and they're committing to being as responsible to Mother Earth as they are to pet parents like you.

At Jake's, we're proud to carry lots of brands that will make it easy to choose eco-friendly products when it comes to your pet's food, treats, toys, and supplies.

Manufacturers Are Taking Responsibility

Many companies are working on sustainable business practices, meaning they're working on ways to meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to thrive.      

One group, Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) gives guidance and accreditation for companies that are concerned about their impact on the earth's resources (how ingredients are sourced), recyclability (the packaging they use), production (amount and type of energy used), and even the social impact they have (employees hired).

This is such a "hot button" issue, many companies in the pet industry are hiring or designating staff as their Sustainability Director. If you value these issues as well, you might want to consider a company's core standards when comparing two similar products.

When it comes to cleaning, grooming, and wellness products, we love recommending Skout's Honor because they're all plant-based, biodegradable, eco-friendly and safe to use around pets and family.  Earth Rated poop bags are another favorite of Jake's, because they're made from vegetable-based material and they're certified compostable.

Below are other brands we carry that have been accredited by Pet Sustainability Coalition. Click on any logo to see some of their products; many more are in stock at the store!

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