Almo Nature Natural Wet Cat Food, Salmon with Carrots in Broth 2.47oz

by Almo

Almo Nature HQS Made in Italy is a L.I.D. (limited ingredient diet) cat food with 100% HQS meat and fish as the first ingredient. HQS - High Quality Sourced. Cat food made with the finest fresh ingredients 100% natural.

  • Single Protein - Single animal source of proteins, meat or fish. Ideal in case of food sensitivities.
  • Gluten Free - No gluten recipes, where rice is the only source of grain.
  • Grain Free - Recipes with no added grain. Ideal for those who choose a product without added grain.
  • High-Quality Protein - Food with high quality protein is crucial for fueling different processes in the body, and respecting your cat or dog's carnivorous nature.
salmon, water sufficient for processing, carrots

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