Comfort Zone Calming Pheromone Collar for Cats, Anxiety & Stress Relief Aid, Breakaway, 1 pack

by Comfort Zone

White, 1 pack

The Comfort Zone Cat Calming Collar helps your cat feel happy and relaxed while reducing unwanted behaviors. The collar encourages positive behavior; use for urine marking and scratching and to reduce stress. The collar is a great way to help create a calming environment for your cat. The Comfort Zone Calming Collar is drug-free and releases calming pheromones close to your cat wherever he may go. These natural signals communicate safety and comfort while supporting your cat's emotional well-being. The flexible and adjustable collar with a quick-release feature keeps your cat calm while on-the-go and is perfect for both long flights and traveling or short trips around town to the vet. It's a convenient alternative to calming diffusers when helping your cat adapt to a new place. The collar is safe and encouraged for continual use. We recommend replacing the collar every 30 days for ongoing calming support. Most cats see results in 1–2 weeks.

  • Encourage positive behavior for Adult cats
  • Calm stressed cats and keep them comfortable during stressful situations such as moving, loud noises, traveling and changes in environment
  • Reduce urine marking and scratching
  • Provide on-the-go calming that travels with your cat indoors and out
  • Collar is flexible and adjustable with a breakaway feature for your cat’s safety
  • Use for travel and vet visits
  • Recommend replacing every 30 days for continuous calming support
  • Double pack offers two adjustable cat collars

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