Goat Milk Delivery

One neighborhood in Boca Raton truly understands the benefits of goat milk for dogs and puppies. If you’re not aware of its powerful health properties, goat’s milk is packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, probiotics and lots more good stuff!

Within a 5-mile radius in Boca, our driver delivered more than 8 bottles of raw goat’s milk! One home was introducing it to her new puppy, knowing that her older dogs get significant digestive benefits from the naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics.

A nearby home ordered 3 bottles of Primal’s frozen raw goat milk. This pet parent requested the original version plus Blueberry Pom Burst, which contains added blueberries for antioxidant support and vitality. She also chose the Pumpkin Spice containing organic pumpkin and ginger. These ingredients provide fiber and digestive support, but we think she really chose Pumpkin Spice because Starbuck’s announced that it’s pumpkin season!

Even the freshest version made it onto this delivery route! Each week, Jake’s gets fresh deliveries from Circle Bar C Goat Farm. Straight from the goats at this Martin County farm, we get refrigerated goat milk with the freshest, purest health benefits. Lots of our in-store customers have tried this and realize their dogs and cats love it as a topper over dry kibble. Now our delivery customers are requesting that we bring it along with their bags of food and treats.

Hmmm…. If we keep delivering so much goat’s milk, maybe we should just bring along a goat!


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