Delivering Bones and Body Parts to Prevent Dog Boredom

Perhaps anticipation of Tropical Storm Fred had customers thinking they needed to occupy their dogs if they got stuck home for a few days. Or maybe they didn’t want their dogs to be bored when their children returned to school last week. Whatever the reason, it seemed to be a big week for delivering dog bones and other long-lasting dog chews. Many of the orders sounded like homework from an anatomy class titled “Bones and Body Parts”!

A dozen pig’s ears were delivered to teething puppies in a West Palm Beach home. The customer also requested several lamb’s ears and a couple of large sow ears for her adult dog. Nearby, another customer ordered cow hooves and buffalo horns for her strong chewer, a large breed German Shepard. A customer in Royal Palm Beach ordered a dozen thick, "Made in the USA" bully sticks and half a dozen elk antlers ranging in size from small to "humongous". There must be some aggressive chewers in that home!

Meanwhile, our other van delivered frozen Tucker’s lamb bones and Primal’s frozen marrow bones to homes in Delray Beach and Boca Raton. Wonder if these customers were just satisfying their dog’s natural urge to chew, or if someone explained that offering frozen raw bones have tremendous dental benefits? Pretty sure those dogs have very fresh breath and bright, white teeth!

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