Special Requests

We often get special requests from customers telling us where they would like their deliveries. Some are obvious: “Leave the bag by the front door”, “Put the package inside the screened-in porch”, or “Put the items in front of the garage door”. Other requests are a bit more surprising!

One of our customers in Royal Palm Beach warned us that our driver should call ahead so she could bring her dogs inside before he reaches her driveway. When the driver saw the 100lb Cane Corsos, he was very glad to have gotten this warning!

One gentleman requested that his bags of food be put just inside his fence. He called back the following day to place another order and to change the instructions. This time, the driver was told to leave the bags outside the fence; apparently his dogs in the yard had torn open the bags and eaten most of the food!

Often our drivers are going to places other than homes. Our delivery log is filled with auto-ship deliveries to equestrians’ barns, doctor’s offices, car dealerships, and even veterinary clinics. We make deliveries to the Sheriff’s office, an antique store in West Palm Beach, and an acai shop in Boynton Beach! Wherever it’s convenient for our customers, Jake’s is happy to deliver!

Location is not the only convenience we offer. We have several elderly or disabled customers who count on our trusted and screened staff to bring the delivery inside their homes. One woman even has our driver pour the bag of food into a storage container in her kitchen. Bet the UPS or FedEx driver wouldn’t offer this service! And how trust-worthy would it be to have a random Instacart or Shipt driver do this for them?

We thought we’d heard it all when it comes to Special Instructions. But we must admit, we were a bit taken aback by a recent request. The driver was asked to go to the back of the house and leave the packages on top of the washer or dryer. If only he had known before coming to work, he might have brought his laundry with him!


Special Requests don’t upset us! Shop Now for your convenient delivery!

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