Build A Better Bowl

Jake’s recently hosted a great evening of information provided by Stephanie Real of Primal Pet Foods. Stephanie is a wealth of information, having been in the pet industry for many years specializing in the pet food category.  Stephanie spoke before a “full house” (we had purposely limited the number of attendees so that everyone would have an opportunity to ask questions).

 Throughout the evening, Stephanie stressed the importance of moisture in a pet’s diet. We were reminded that a bowl of kibble, regardless of how good the ingredients are, is not enough to keep a pet healthy.  And just placing a bowl of stagnant water on the floor may not entice your pet (especially a cat!) to consume the amount of moisture its body needs.

The solution: “Build a Better Bowl” by adding moist ingredients such as Goat’s Milk, Bone Broth, or the new Primal Elixirs. No dog or cat ever needs to look at a boring, dry bowl of pet food again!

Stephanie also spoke about the benefits of frozen raw bones.  The bones provide beneficial enzymes for a clean, healthy mouth. Plus, the marrow is a great way to improve mobility as the nutrients are transferred from one animal’s bones directly to the pet’s.

All the food items discussed are available for purchase in-store or online for free delivery. 

Check out Stephanie’s explanations by clicking below!

 If you're ready to start building a better bowl.... shop now!

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