Big Hearts 4 Paws Rescue

Look up the phrase ‘To Rescue’ and you might see a picture of BIG HEARTS 4 PAWS organization. That’s because “to rescue” means to save from a dangerous or distressing situation, and that’s exactly what this local non-profit does.

For the past 20 years, the women running Big Hearts 4 Paws have rescued sick, injured, and even pregnant dogs throughout Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade counties, and Georgia. The rescued dogs are brought to their Loxahatchee  property, where they are given comfort, care, and love from the all-volunteer staff.

Upon arrival, an on-site vet examines each one and determines its needs. This might include de-worming, flea or heartworm medications, or boosted nutrition for pregnant moms.  As stated on its website, “There is nothing BIG HEARTS 4 PAWS RESCUE wants more than to be able to transform all the animal orphans into pampered pets, in loving homes as members of a family”.

What does Jake’s love about BIG HEARTS 4 PAWS?

  1. We’ve seen first-hand the extent to which this organization believes in good nutrition. When they’ve had pups without a nursing mom, they’ve purchased fresh goat milk to ensure the pups get the best nutrition. When feeding kibble, they choose Fromm Gold Puppy or Fromm Gold Adult, while other organizations with a lot of mouths to feed might settle for cheaper, less nutritious brands.
  2. BIG HEARTS 4 PAWS puts effort into socializing their dogs prior to adoption. They strongly encourage the adopters to continue working with a local trainer in hopes that the new pet/parent relationship will be a successful one. (They highly recommend Jennifer from Balanced Solutions, Inc.)
  3. The volunteers of BIG HEARTS 4 PAWS Rescue try to help anyone needing assistance in finding the resources and connections to overcome financial hardship, leading to fewer pets turned in to shelters.

To adopt, foster, or volunteer for BIG HEARTS 4 PAWS, visit their website.

To contribute to their mission, you can purchase items from their wishlist or put money on a gift card for use at Jake’s.  (They’ll be told of your generosity, of course, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.)

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